Fiji down but not out

Despite their difficult financial situation, Fiji will definitely still take part in the Wellington Sevens tournament next month.RW Stamp

Sevens Wellington general manager Marty Donoghue confirmed that the Fiji team will remain a key feature of the February 7-8 tournament at Westpac Stadium.

Despite recent announcements around funding, the team’s participation in Round Five of the Sevens World Series in Wellington will not be affected.

Although they have not been able to pay their coach Ben Ryan for the last three months the team will definitely feature in both Las Vegas and Wellington in the coming weeks.

Logistical costs including food, accommodation and travel is covered by the tournament, which has been the case for all competing teams over the years.

Donoghue said the Fijian team is a huge feature of the tournament, and always has been.

“We’ve had a discussion with the Fiji Rugby Union and know their players and coaches are preparing as per usual for the next two tournaments.

“We’re looking forward to having them back here in a couple of weeks and no doubt they will bring with them that fierce rivalry and entertaining style of rugby that they always do,” he said.


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