Hurricanes lose Smith for Cheetahs match

The Hurricanes hopes of bouncing back from an eye opening 48-14 loss to the bulls last weekend has taken a Rugby Injuryblow due to the injury of All Black talisman Conrad Smith.

The Hurricanes captain was knocked out during the Bulls match and was recorded as unconscious for 45 seconds. He was sent straight to hospital and after being given the all clear from his neck scans, sent back to his hotel.

Smith will miss their crunch match with the Cheetahs this weekend but will remain with the team in South Africa.

Coach Mark Hammett commented on his captains attitude after the injury:  “He’s in a very good space. He came down to training with us. He took a very limited part in that, In terms of his general well being, his general feeling, he’s very up, probably more so than he thought he would be as well,” Said Hammett

“From my perspective he seems very chirpy and quite upbeat to the point that he wants to stay in Africa with the team. He seems fairly upbeat but he’s a smart man and he won’t do anything that’s not best for him. Like all injuries, and particularly these type of injuries, we’ve got to be really careful and monitor them,” said the coach.

“There’s no doubt we’ve got the best people looking after that. Conrad is a very, very smart man as well so there’s no way he’d put himself at undue risk. He’ll continue to be tested this week but that will have no bearing on selection this week. That’s just around his ability to then get into light training and the process which is always done when we’re talking about a head injury.”




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