Julian Savea’s statement after exiting court

All Black and Hurricanes winger Julian Savea was called to court yesterday to face charges of common assault.RW Stamp Upon exiting the court after his hearing he read teh following statement:

“Thank you all for coming. There was an incident last Sunday and I’ve been charged with common assault. Whilst I can’t go in to the details because it is now before the courts, I understand that the details will come out in due course.

“But I will say that my partner and I did have an argument, I did some things that are wrong and that I shouldn’t have done and I apologise for that … [pauses] To my partner and her family I just want to say that I’m sorry to hurt someone that you love and care so much for. To be in this situation, I know it’s hurting them and it’s definitely hurting me, so I apologise to them … And although I do not want to make this about the Hurricanes and the NZRU and the All Blacks, I do represent them.

“And just a few key points from me, I just want you guys to know that I’m not making excuses for myself, I know what I did was wrong and I’m taking steps to make sure this will never happen again and my main concern after all of this is making sure that my partner and baby are okay after all of this.

“Thank you for listening and thanks for coming.”

It is still unclear whether Savea will pull on the Hurricanes jersey this weekend as tehy host the Stormers as a final decision will be made later this week.



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